Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today Marks 2 Months

I can't believe it has been two months since I started the Total Elimination Diet -- I have been able to add back some things - but not everything I had hoped for at this point. In some ways it feels like so much longer, and in some ways shorter. I have come a long way. Since I had already been off of dairy, egg nuts and soy for 2 1/2 months prior to going all the way with it, I guess I had a shorter way to come. I miss eating out, but being a new stay at home mom - time to go out and enjoy does not come easy, and it isn't exactly in the budget -- at least thats what I tell myself each day.

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies today - I love the recipe from the book "8 Degrees of Ingredients" - AMAZING! You would never know these cookies are free of egg, nut, soy, milk, gluten... seriously - If I didn't tell my husband, I think he would just think they are darn good cookies.
I like to set aside 1/2 the batch to eat and freeze the other half - also dipping the frozen cookies in some coconut ice cream is sort of heavenly. you can also dip these in melted chocolate and let it set.... that's another amazingly good version.
Next up? Chicken. It's whats for dinner. bum bum bum.

The Dreaded Skin Pricks

So Garrison had his appointment with the new DOC today. He, in January had a RAST done which confirmed eggs, milk and nuts as issues for the second year. Since this was a new doc - we decided to go ahead and confirm with pricks. He recieve 18 total. Poor Boy! Well, he had ++ for milk, egg, and peanut - the peanut was the worst reaction the nurse had seen! Also some minor + on enviromentals - dog, cat, mites etc. What a day! I don't understand how if he is not being exposed to peanut- how is it getting sooo much worse? Anyone? This is truely a mystery to me and apparently the doctors as well. I understand it is happening more and more and no one really understands why yet...scary that he has a skin reaction so bad and he has never even consumed peanuts...ever.

I decided to bring him home and made him king for a day! Movies, Special Snacks... the whole shooting match -- we do it all over again with the littlest one in September - hoping we have better luck.