Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dreaded Skin Pricks

So Garrison had his appointment with the new DOC today. He, in January had a RAST done which confirmed eggs, milk and nuts as issues for the second year. Since this was a new doc - we decided to go ahead and confirm with pricks. He recieve 18 total. Poor Boy! Well, he had ++ for milk, egg, and peanut - the peanut was the worst reaction the nurse had seen! Also some minor + on enviromentals - dog, cat, mites etc. What a day! I don't understand how if he is not being exposed to peanut- how is it getting sooo much worse? Anyone? This is truely a mystery to me and apparently the doctors as well. I understand it is happening more and more and no one really understands why yet...scary that he has a skin reaction so bad and he has never even consumed peanuts...ever.

I decided to bring him home and made him king for a day! Movies, Special Snacks... the whole shooting match -- we do it all over again with the littlest one in September - hoping we have better luck.

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