Thursday, January 27, 2011


So -- Another few months has passed since I last wrote. Between Consignment sales, online sales, watching kids and everything life has been lately, it has been hard to get on.

I just HAD to come on here and announce a new Dairy, Egg, Nut and Soy Free cheese I found. It is AMAZING. I have been eyeing Daiya "Cheeses" at Wegman's for awhile now. They are $4.99 for an 8oz package of mozzarella or cheddar cheese. I got both. I must say -- I have tried Vegan Gourmet (uh yuck) and also Galaxy Nutritional Foods Rice Vegan (which Garrison loves - but I won't touch) and the smell, taste, texture, and melt ability of this cheese FAR surpasses that of the others I have tried so far.

I have put this on nachos and melted it on some plain pasta to test it out and both worked well.... it even passed the cheese (ha!) with the Husband. He said -- it was a little more sour then regular cheese -- but overall didn't gag or think it was bad. WIN.

I will be adding this to my "must have" list for grocery shopping..... it really is THAT good....

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