Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Yummy Mac N Cheese Recipe

Did you really think this Mac N Cheese Addict would stop at one recipe?  NO!  I LOVE it WAY too much to do that.  Another recipe is below.  This time, I went with a family style recipe.

1 CUP - Earth's Balance Buttery Sticks (or other DF alternative)
2 TBS - Flour
2 1/2 CUPS - Daiya Cheese (Cheddar or a mix of the two flavors) - DIVIDED
Salt and Pepper
1 CUP Soy Milk (or plain milk alternative)
2 - 3 CUPS - Elbow Noodles (depending on how many people you are serving. -2 cups will serve about 4 people.

Boil Noodles and set aside
Set oven to 350
spray a 8x8 dish with safe cooking spray

melt butter in a saucepan on medium
Add flour and mix until smooth
Add soy milk and continue to mix until smooth
Add cheeses (2 cups) - melt until smooth
(you may need to add a few more TBL of milk to reach a consistency you like -- it should be thick but creamy)
Add salt and pepper to taste

Spray a 8x8 glass pan with cooking spray
mix together noodles and enough cream sauce to make a thick, gooey texture.....
top it off with the remaining cheese and sprinkle with paprika
Put it in the oven and bake covered for 30 mins.... take cover off for last 10 mins of baking.

ENJOY!  It refrigerates well and tastes even better the next day!

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