Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preschool and the Baked in Dairy Trial...

More allergy related news!  Last Thursday we saw the allergist for Braeden and went over his last few months.  The allergist feels it is time, once again to trial Braeden on dairy and egg.  He feels that even though Braeden does not test positive for these allergies, based on his past, we should treat it as if he were allergic and start with baked in egg and dairy first.  I went out and purchased the first carton of milk I have had in a long time..... I can't remember the last time I got milk.  I have to say, my husband is pleased.  Braeden came up with a rash that night -- before I got a chance to bake anything!!!!  So we have to wait for the rash to clear up and then proceed with caution.  I think Ill be baking blueberry muffins for the dairy trial.... excited and nervous at the same time.

In other news, we finally selected a preschool for Garrison!  I had done some research and all the food allergy advocates in the area suggested the Montessori School here.  It wasn't an option for us.... but I did want to tour it and get a feel for what they do differently.  They keep a list of the names of the kids and their specific allergy on a sheet in each classroom and they let the food allergic kids have snack first.... that's pretty much as I got from them.  I figure I can train that into whichever school I select. 

I'm excited and very nervous to have him start in the fall -- they are a pretty big school with over 150 kids, but they don't seem to deal with multiple food allergies often.... Ill be hoping to get in there and really talk everything over with them... they do sound open to it.  There are a lot of parties for holidays and birthday parties that Ill be customizing for Garrison and also they have access to the kitchen at the church and do some baking.  Ill be overseeing a lot and preparing a lot, but I think it will be well worth it as this school came highly recommended from people I trust and respect. Here is to the start of a journey that won't end for at least 18!

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  1. I can't imagine trying to pick a seems like such a stressful decision!

    I hope the muffin trial goes well!